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Sculpting has no exclusiv medium
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Bobbie Jean Pentecost
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Everything you need to know about me can be found here:

COMMISSIONS: I am currently closed. I will make an announcement when I reopen.

Please check out my Shapeways shop:… All proceeds go towards student loans, supporting my elderly parents, and paying medical debt.
The list continues: A collection of assorted random things I have said or that have been said to me which I'm sure have never been said before and may never be said again.

I have twice now assaulted my cat with rum cake.

It's a wrist mounted brazing dildo.

I ended up in mortal combat with a mango. The mango won.

Hamburgers won't sue you for medical malpractice.

Me: People taffy.
Fry: People taffy!? -___O;
Me: Yes. People taffy.
Fry: Okay then.

They will fuck your boat.

My mother does not have a gutter, she's Catholic.

What's a good food-related metaphor for a homophobe?

Well, if it's any consolation, your eyeball will smell really nice for a while.

Is there a support group for people who hate lanthanides and actinides?

I would try Blistex flavored ice cream if they made it.

Have you wooed many goats in your time?

You would never mourn a grocery bag of diapers.

Stop fondling the pancakes!

You inspire poop.

Watermelon related injuries.

Me: Can I drive up this shitbrick-mountain at a 70 degree incline?
Physics: No.
Mass Effect 1: Lol.

Incidences of accidents rise exponentially with every buttock added to the equation.

Why would you need to reason with a kneecap?

The polystyrene anus is recalcitrant.

Well, I wouldn't know. I've never dropped a cow on anyone from several thousand feet before.

The submarine has transcended mere sentience. It is sapient. It is aware.

Friend: What the hell is wrong with us?
Me: Synchronized lupus.
House MD: -pops out from behind the wall- IT'S NEVER LUPUS! -cane to the head-

Me: I'm not as hateful toward plaid as I used to be. I can tolerate its presence… to an extent and under very specific circumstances. Now corduroy, corduroy can get fucked and die. There is no excuse for corduroy. Ever. Not even you, Canada.
Canada: But…

Buttocks are not typically vectors for that sort of thing.

I don't think my air conditioning unit has a gender.

I will lick all of your possessions.

There's not really much you can do but wiggle around awkwardly and pray the gods have mercy on your butt crack.

Bathtub….? That's an odd place to store rat kabobs.

I don't think the tuna goes well with my complexion.

I could probably bench press you with my forehead muscles.

It sounds like there's a toucan getting butt-raped in the backseat.
Now it sounds like there's a kookaburra getting butt-raped in the backseat.
Now it sounds like there's an entire aviary getting butt-rape in the backseat.
Styrofoam containers: -cackling maniacally as we drive through Middle of Potholeville Texas-

I always eat my rearview mirrors with ketchup on them, don't you?

I would rather deal with burning farts than freeze to death.

Oh, ya know. The usual; reading, perusing the news, licking protein off my iPad.

Get your fingers out of my wage gap!

I didn't watch a lot of kids when I was a TV.

Space dolphins and aquatic elephants that resolve all conflicts through sex like bonobos.

I find that being on fire and being correct are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Don't mind me. Just duct taping some assholes to the windows.

I drank the phone.


Gestural Poses: Anthro Feline
New project. Started posing. Realized a little too late that the wings were going to get in the way of what I was planning. Poop.

Also, Sculptris Pro is !@#$%^&*ing amazeballs.
Sphere Challenge
The "Sphere Challenge" was part of the Zbrush 2018 beta testing process.… The point is to take a sphere and, using the new "Sculptris Pro" feature, sculpt something from the sphere. I figured I'd do one as a means of teaching myself how to use the new toolset. When I originally conceived this idea, (God damn it. *facedesk* Pun not intended. Fuck it. I'ma own that shit. Pun intended.) it did not even occur to me that anyone would find this offensive or inappropriate. Maybe I've just become super jaded. The first place my mind went was NOT the "naughty" place but the "lol, that's ridiculous" place. However, some people have expressed the opinion that this is a "horrific abomination and it should burn in the fires of hell alongside Hitler and Calligula." :P So I'm slapping a mature warning on it just in case.

I would have liked to include a big, beefy dad-bod lion cuddling the belly, her gonking him in the head with her mug, and liquid flying out but my rig started chugging at the 300K poly mark and I didn't want to push it. Sculptris Pro is AMAZEBALLS but it doesn't seem to like functioning with higher polycounts, which, ya know, fair enough, considering what it does. If I had the time, I'd retopo, UV map, and texture her. Put something smartass on the mug like "I wish this was coffee" or somesuch like that.

I also wanted to try something cartoony. It's been a long, long, lllooonnngggg time since I've gone full toon. It was fun though, I did cheat the tail and cup. Sculprtis Pro has kind of a similar problem as Dynamesh in that it goes HUR DDDDDURRR when very thin or long shapes come into play, though, it's not quite as bad and there are no swizz cheese effect.

All in all, I had fun. LOVE the new features. One of these days I'll have to try out the new transform tools, though, they kinda look nightmarish, to be frank. T__T

Total time: 12hrs ish.
Casting Ethystra

Okay, so.... in ttthhheeeooorrrryyyyyyy, if I was going to make something like this into an adoptable, what would I have to do? Where would I start? I would have to put down the starting bid, the auto bid, maybe a few details, and write out what changes I will/will not make. Anything else? (Yes, I know this is way too detailed for an adoptable. I'm asking theoretically.)

Also, yes, derp froggie is present. Good luck finding him though. >;P
This is a gift for Lovely Lady Lysette. (Character belongs to her.) 20+ hrs. Zbrush, Blender, Photoshop.


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