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May 17
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Meet Shae by BJPentecost Meet Shae by BJPentecost
((Sorry about the reupload. I've decided to separate certain things out. Also, accidentally hit the "save to stash button." *grumble* Does anyone even actually use that? Anyway, on my way out the door atm or I'd explain further. XD GTG!))


About my eyes

I am so sorry that I've been gone for so long. Don't worry, I haven't died or fallen off the map, at least not yet. ^__^ I've just been really, really busy with work and doctor's appointments and such. I have a new pair of glasses that are working well (I asked the doc to take out the prism and that got rid of the stereoscopic issue. It was SO WEIRD seeing everything in 3D O__O; It made painting very difficult.). I still see some vibration and I have to take breaks every twenty minutes or so but I can still see and I can still paint! :) However, my eyesight might get worse as it has been over the years. In fact, I'd say it's a fair bet. My vision (uncorrected) is about 20/400. The only reason I'm not technically considered to be one step away from legally blind is because my vision can be corrected with lenses but if I take my glasses off, I am literally almost legally blind. If it does get worse, I've got a referral to the Bascom Palmer Institute (which I'm pretty sure will not take my crappy HMO health insurance). I've already flushed about 3k down the toilet just getting to this point and that's not counting all the work I've missed.


About Shae

This is Shae. I sculpted him in Zbrush and painted him up in Photoshop. Yes, it's a guy. You can pretend he's a girl if you want. Shouldn't be much of a leap. =P He is a satyr. I've always envisioned satyrs to be less "goat people" and more of a race/species unto themselves. He would be covered in fur except for his face, palms, and other obvious places (the fur doesn't just stop at some random point, it smoothly gradates). I've considered making him an adoptable but I have no idea how that works and I don't know if there would be much of a market for him. XD It seems like the adoptables that do the best are super-fetishy. Although I guess some people class pretty boys as super-fetishy. XD I don't. I think this is fairly tame. But then again, I'm a friggin weirdo so, heh, maybe not the best judge. ^__^

Shae is an experienced ehtyric (magic user) and his talents include: Perfect vision (he can see in the dark, long distance, infrared, and ultraviolet), long jump (30ft straight up in the air, 75ft straight out), leadhoof (you really don't want to get kicked in the head by him), seduce, fast talk, blend (he can blend in with certain environments so well that he almost becomes invisible) and a few other little tricks.

Enjoy! Once I get the tidal wave of medical, student loan, and mortgage debt/payment/bills coming at me squared away, there will be more paintings to come. :) I hope to make a full illustration of Shae if possible.

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Brendavid Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm taking a zbrush class now, and I just keep coming back to these. They're so pretty. ;_;

I've used them as references to get ideas to make my exported renders look like paintings instead of sculpts, but so far I've been fairly unsuccessful. I don't have any problems photo manipulating a sculpt to give it colors and a background and nice lighting effects, but making it painterly is beyond me. Even when I paint over them, they still have this overbearing "I'm a 3D model" look. I've played with filters, effects, painting, trying to get the nice sketchy lines and paint flecks, even dropped textures into it. I can't figure it out at all. D: The closest I got to anything was drawing a bunch of lines by hand on a dissolve layer.

Could you spare any tips for me, by chance? Because these are just awesome. Here's my attempt:

Of course, I'm not into copying, I'd like to make the techniques my own, but right now I'm kinda at a loss.
BJPentecost Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You've got a good start! :)

It's really a matter of experimenting and seeing what works for you. It's trickier than it might seem. I still struggle with that very same issue from time to time. When combining 2D and 3D, I paint over my models with a hard, oval-shaped, low opacity brush. Filters can help but they only do so much and overuse can be very bad. A few tricks that might help:

1.) Add lighting with overlay layers. Rim lighting can be especially dramatic.

2.) Add additional colors and color variation, especially in the shadows and highlights.

3.) If you're going for a painterly look, use broader strokes and don't spend too much time noodling on detail.

4.) Better quality renders usually mean a better end result. The more work you do on the 3D side, the less hassle on the 2D side.

5.) Careful application of texturing can help erase that sterile plasticy look renders sometimes get.

6.) Adding highlights and extra shadows by hand can help.

7.) If your renderer doesn't handle subsurface scattering well or you can't render with SSS for whatever reason, try to mimic it by hand.

Hopefully that will help. Really, the only thing you can do is keep playing around until you find out what works for you. That's how I figured it out. :)

Good luck. Nice work btw. 
Brendavid Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the response and sorry for the late reply! I wanted to wait till I had finished it first. Your tips were very helpful. I saved them to a document on my computer. :D Would you mind giving me a crit on the final? I can totally take a few punches. I generally like how it came out, but I feel like I wasn't loose, textured, or rough enough with my painting, so, I guess I have something to shoot for next time.

antellokapibou by Brendavid
BJPentecost Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Looks good. :) You've done a nice job of eliminating that sterile look 3D renders can get sometimes. Perhaps you could work a little on making it a more complete illustration? Add another character or extend the canvas and give her a body? It would be a lot more work but it would make for an even better illustration. :) I would also recommend trying to bring the background up a little more to par with the character. I know you want to keep it hazy and vague for atmospheric perspective but perhaps add some detail on the mountains?

Anyway, lovely work. :boogie:
Brendavid Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback on this! I definitely read it when I got it, and even took notes on it. I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I often find my work in general just doesn't quite hit what it really can, and just kind of falls flat. I think it's that sort of extra thought and extra mile that I'm really missing. I want to try to do something soon that's a bit more fleshed out. Thanks for the crit! really helpful. :D
BJPentecost Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome. :) And congratulations on hitting that milestone of artistic self-awareness. I only started coming to that same conclusion within the last year or two. It's that last bit of OOMPH that separates my so-so work from my better pieces. Sometimes it's hard to know what needs to be done, what I could have done better, or what I should do moving forward. But we keep trying. That's what's important.

Good luck and happy arting. :D
JayelDraco Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
So fantastic. you really are such n incredibly talented creator. For years I have been consistently blown away by your work.
it is one of my life's goals to one day be able to hire you to help flesh out and design some of the tribes and species in the story that I've been co-writing/world building for the last 20 years.
That may not sound like much to you, but I assure you on a personal level, there is no higher compliment I could think to give to another artist.
BJPentecost Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! I'm happy to hear that. :D May not sound like much? You kidding me? XD Creating species and characters is my dream job. XD If I could do only one thing in art, it would be that. Thank you so much. ^__^
JayelDraco Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
I only mean that it may not sound like much because thus far I don't have the means to hire anybody.
I can certainly tell that you obviously love creating species and characters, or you wouldn't have gotten so good at it :)
You are quite welcome!
Rockdwarf Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's like a great dream. I just dream of people doing that art. And of people like that. For people like that, I just found them (not in my real life, but well, now I know it isn't just online art)

And for angelicaly beautyful booty drawn boys, now I have you. So bad I would want them in human form, but mhe, you love furries and I never saw a furry like that, it's to me like the olympic furry to the rest of furries. You just do not make art, you just render gods and then they are art. I do not know how to express it. It's just like it's pianfull to look. It's LIVING!!! and it still is like it's frozen in it's beauty.
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