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Bobbie Jean Pentecost
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Everything you need to know about me can be found here:

COMMISSIONS: I am currently closed. I will make an announcement when I reopen.

Please check out my Shapeways shop:… All proceeds go towards student loans, supporting my elderly parents, and paying medical debt.
Does Deviant art not allow you to organize images in your gallery anymore? Whenever I try to move an image, the favorites dropdown bar descents. Why would I want to favorite my own work anyway? >;\

Edit: Problem solved! Apparently, now you have to hit the "edit page" button first.


A collection of my best worst accidental puns. Enjoy!
A Pun Worse Than Death
I have this tendency to accidental-pun. I do it A LOT. I do not do this shit on purpose, I swear. If you doubt or if you think I am making this up, I have friends who will attest (this shit drives them up the fricking wall). Some of these were face-to-face conversations and some of them occurred over Skype chat or text.

(Edit: New puns for your enjoyment and or enragement!)

(On gun use)
JD: I'd love to take you to the shooting range some time.
Me: I'm not really much of a gun person.
JD: Come on, you might enjoy it.
Me: They kinda freak me out a little I have never even held one in my hands.
JD: It's not that hard. I'll show you how. Besides, it's good knowledge to have just in case.
Me: Alright, well, I guess I could take a shot at it.
JD: Dude……. That was awful.
Me: What?
JD: Seriously?
Me: *clueless herpderpface*
JD: You'll "take a shot at it?"
Me: Oh fuck me. XD *headdesk*

(On flying an airplane)
JD: Flying a plane really isn't that hard. To me, the hardest part was all the calculations.
Me: Ehck. No thanks. I hate math with a fiery, scathing passion.
JD: It's just simple math. I mean, ya kinda gotta be able to do it quickly in your head but it's still mostly simple stuff.
Me: I can't do math on the fly like that.
JD: *deathglare*
Me: Why are you deathglaring me? What'd I do? *derpface* Oh, god damn it. 

(On being bummed)
Dew: My life is so much crap.
Me: Oh come on, it's not that bad. You're just bummed.
Dew: I don't even know why I exist.
Me: Really? Come on now.
Dew: I just.... sometimes want to stop existing. Not even die, just stop existing.
Me: Jesus Christ, will you stop being such a martyr?
Dew: *About five seconds go by.* …........Bobbie......
Me: What?
Dew: Think about what you just said.
Me: What? *clueless derpface*
Dew: Jesus Christ…..
Me: *derpface intensifies*
Dew: Quit being such a…
Me: *derpface reaching critical mass*
Dew: …….Martyr.
Me: *derpface slowly melts into oh-shit-no-face* DDDOOOOOHHHHMYGOD. *facedesk and laughs myself into a nosebleed*
Dew: Well…. That cheered me up.

(On tabletop RP) (JD is a player, I am GM, this happened around a gaming table late at night)
Me: Okay so you want to run around town shmexing people for information again? How many are you going to bang this time?
JD: *rolls a D8, gets a 7* Seven. What do I get out of them?
Me: Lockjaw, flame crabs, sparkle herpes, one confession of undying love, a pamphlet advertizing the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and fifteen bucks.
JD: Har har. Very funny. Did I get any actual information?
Me: *rolls die* The first four were very tightlipped and the other three were very forthcoming. You have discovered that…… what?
Everyone: *everyone around the table is staring at me with raised left eyebrows*
Me: *clueless derpface* What?
JD: Tightlipped? Forthcoming?
Me: Oh Jesus take the wheel. *headdesk*

(Conversation about character, happened in a car as we were driving)
Me: I like characters that are tame in appearance but are actually freaks in the sheets.
JD: Agreed. I especially love it when the love interests are surprised by it. Their reactions are always the best.
Me: Yeah. Like "whoa! I totally didn't see that coming!
JD: Oh my god, Bobbie Jean.
Me: What!? *derpface* Oh….. GODDAMNIT!

(On furries)
Me: No, no, no, no, NO! Appreciation for anthropomorphic art and bestiality are TOTALLY not the same thing.
JD: But I always thought they kinda were. I mean, that's what I was told anyway.
Me: NnnnnnooooOMG. Listen up, you uninitiated noob, there is a HUGE difference. Anthro art is the combination of human and animal attributes. The beings are still predominantly human in form and intellect. Bestiality is like, ya know, actually…. porking a pig.
JD: Jesus Christ, Bobbie Jean.
Me: What? *derpface* Oh my god. *Facedesk* …………..wait…. would that count as a…… double enpundre? *eyebrow waggle*
JD: ……. *makes strangle-fingers in my direction*

(On a pet bird)
JD: My father made me get rid of my pet cockatiel when I was a kid.
Me: I would never let my parents make me get rid of a pet.
JD: I was seventeen. I didn't really have much of a say.
Me: See, that's the difference between you and me. That shit would not fly in my house.  
JD: *five seconds of silence go by…* Really?
Me: What? *Derpface*
JD: *silence*
Me: (We were talking on Skype but I swear, I could actually hear her left eyebrow ascending)
Goddamn it. *facepalms*

(On unfortunate nicknames, (over Skype))
Me: My high school had this ice cream vending machine I occasionally liked to patronize. I'd pop in my dollar and a suction hose would descend, suck the ice cream bar up, and drop it into the slot where you reach in and grab it. The students used to call it "The Blowjob Machine" because of the sucky-hose and the weird sucking noises it made. I occasionally liked to have myself some ice cream so my friends took to calling me "Bobbie Jean the Blowjob Machine."
Fri: Haaaahhh! That's funny.
Me: Thankfully, the nickname didn't stick.
Fri: Fffftttt. Didn't stick? Lololol.
Me: Oh fuck me. God damn it.
Fri: HAHA! LOL! I swear you do this on purpose.
Fri: Bobbie Jean the Blowjob Machine. I am going to start calling you that now.
Me: I should not have told you that, should I?
Fri: Nope.
Me: Me and my big mouth.
Fri: HAH. There is NO WAY you are NOT doing this on purpose.
Me: Huh? *derpface* GODDAMN IT! *Headdesk*
Fri: There is nothing you can say to convince me you're not doing this on purpose.
Me: I'M NOT! I swear to every possibly existing god! This is an affliction! You know how some fictional characters have a curse that causes them to speak in verse? My affliction is a lot like…..oh my god.
Fri: …………………….
Me: Great. Now I'm involuntary-punning AND speaking in verse! This just can't get any damn worse! ….Fuck.
Fri: *silence*
Me: Fri?
Fri: Murder.

(During tabletop RP)
JD: So *claps hands together* am I going to be banging people for information again?
Me: If that's what you want to do. You seem to do that a lot.
JD: I'm good at it.
Me: Did you ever actually add those extra stats for sex? *giggle-snorts*
JD: I did. I added "seduce," "perform," and "stamina."
RB: She should add "jerk-off" too. *snicker*
JD: Ooh! Ooh! Can I? *jumps up and down in seat*
Me: Sure, I'll allow it. Considering your character's job, that could really come in handy.
Everybody: *stare……….*
Me: What?
Everybody: *eyebrows rising*
Me: WHAT!?
Everybody: *eyebrows reaching critical altitude*
Me: Why are you making eyebrow at me!?
Everybody: *we have lift off!*
Me: Oh crap… did I pun?
Everybody: *eyebrows are now hovering somewhere in the upper stratosphere*
Me: Well, you're going to have to explain this one to me because I don't… Ooooohhhhhh. Fuck my life.
Everybody: *eyebrows explode*

(On wigs)
Me: I saw these really awesome wigs there. We should go and see if they have anything that would fit our costumes.
JD: Okay. I'm down with that.
Me: Some of them are made of real hair.
JD: Gah! No thanks. I prefer the fake ones.
Me: Why?
JD: I would never want to wear someone else's hair on my head. The idea just wigs me out…. AH! You infected me! Now I'm involuntary-punning too!
Me: *almost falls off the Olive Garden sidewalk* IT WASN'T ME THIS TIME! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *goes prancing off into the parking lot, singing merrily* IT WASN'T MEEEEEEEEeeeeeee! IT WASN'T MEEEEEEEeeeeeee! *frolic frolic gallivant frolic*

(On tall women)
Me: I used to prefer shorter women but taller women have kinda come to grow on me….. DOH! JESUS CHRIST!
Fri: Wow. Beat me to the punch this time. Congrats.

(On "scat-play")
Me: Typical response: "THAT'S TERRIBLE! THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD BE THROWN IN AN ASYLUM!" Me? Not my cup of tea but whatever. As long as it's consensual and they don't come anywhere near me with it, I don't give a shit….. Oh. My. God. Pun not intended. *Face desk, falls over*
RM: Haha. That's pretty funny.
Me: …………. You must be new.

(On Xanax)
Me: My mom says I'm too high-strung so she invented imaginary aerosolized Xanax spray and whenever I start getting uppity, she imaginary spritzes me.
Fri: One- I love your mom. Two- that is hilarious. Three- I want aerosolized Xanax spray. I would spray so many people. I would spray ALL the people. ALL OF THEM.
Me: I think we just discovered the way to end all wars.
Fri: Wait…. They tried something like that on Firefly and if I recall, it didn't work out very well.
Me: Oh yeah. Forgot about that. But, ya know, everything has it's downside. No reason not to give it a try. Hopefully we don't create a race of insaniacs who try to murder-fuck the shit out of everything in sight.
Fri: Things probably wouldn't be much different than they are anyway, I guess.
Me: Yeah… Oh! Someone just murder-fucked the shit out of an old folks home. Must be Tuesday.
Fri: ಠ__ಠ
Fri: Whaaaaaa?
Me: Pun?
Fri: Where?
Me: What do you mean where!?
Fri: I'm so confused.
Me: Where's the pun? I know it's there somewhere. I just can't see it. I NEVER SEE IT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!
Fri: There was pun? If there was, I missed it.
Me: You missed it too? FUCK! WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?
Fri: Wait… was there ever pun to begin with?
Me: If the NSA is listening in on this call, we're screwed. They're going to brand us as terrorists, lock us up, and throw away the whole !@#$%^&*damn building just to be safe.
Fri: You know what would really come in handy right now?
Me: I can think of a few things, each one of them A PUN WORSE THAN DEATH!
Fri: Aerosolized Xanax spray.
Me: Yes. Please. Dear god.
Fri: *aims spray bottle at you* PST! PST! PST!

(Cellllllllebrate good times, COME ON!)
Fri: She doesn't want to purchase home owner's insurance. Says it's too expensive.
Me: Doesn't she have to? I mean… isn't that like… the law… or something? Maybe?
Fri: Unno. But that's what they're on about recently. She doesn't want it, he does.
Me: *silent pause* Oh dear. That doesn't ~~~abode~~~ well. *HUGE SMILE, eyes go off to the sides*
Fri: ………….
Me: I DID IT ON PURPOSE THAT TIME! YYYYYAAAAHHHHOOOOOOO! *starts running around all over, jumping up and down, shouting, and dancing* CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! WHOOOO! *three humps to the left, three humps to the right, do the wave, moonwalk, gettin jiggy wid it* YEAH, BITCHES!
Fri: *silently seething* I know where you live. In fact, I am Google-Mapping your house right now. Prepare for murder.

(Cats and dogs)
JD: I will never own another German shepherd again. They're so hyper!
Me: Mine wasn't. He was extremely chill for the most part.
JD: Yeah, but wasn't he really browbeaten by your cats? They kept him in check.
Me: Yeah, he was kinda pussy-whipped.
JD: >:{
Me: What?
JD: >8F
Me: Ooohhhh nnnoooooo…. XD

(Of furries and politics)
Me: I could never run for office. I'm a fricking furry. That's the first thing they'd crucify me for.
Friend: They could never get me with that. I would just be open about it. "Yup. I'm a furry. I like furry porn. Deal with it."
Me: Yeah. I almost wonder if that might work. Just come right out and get on top of it…
Me: Dur?
Me: Why are you LOLing at me!?
Me: Oh. X3 Goddamn it.

(Hot steamy hot tub lovin)
Me: Hot tub sex? Seems like one of those things that probably *sounds* a lot better than it really is.
Fri: Noooo, it's the best thing ever. I swear.
Me: What's so great about it?
Fri: It's a nice, close, intimate space, warm, with lots of little nooks for different positions but there's still room to move around. It's really great.
Me: Hm. I suppose I could give it a whirl.
Fri: Seriously?
Me: Yeah.
Fri: No, I mean… like really?
Me: Yeah. I'm totally serious. I'd try it.
Fri: Bobbie Jean.
Me: What?
Fri: *Silence* I'm just going to sit here and wait.
Me: Well, I'm afraid you're going to be waiting a while because oh fuck. I did it again, didn't I?
Fri: ……..
Me: Fack. Where is it? What did I say!? I didn't even say anything… oh my god. *headdesk*
Fri: Yah.
Me: Fack.
Fri: Uh-huh.
Me: How much do you want to kill me right now?
Fri: I don't want to kill you. I am actually starting to believe you don't do this shit on purpose.
Does Deviant art not allow you to organize images in your gallery anymore? Whenever I try to move an image, the favorites dropdown bar descents. Why would I want to favorite my own work anyway? >;\

Edit: Problem solved! Apparently, now you have to hit the "edit page" button first.
Plot Outline Conventions
Plot Outline Conventions
This is for my own convenience but anyone who wants to use it may feel free. Most of this has been gleaned from studying general knowledge on writing and outlining from a variety of sources readily available online. If you have anything you'd like to add or critique, feel free.

Plot Outline Conventions


Seven Sentence Story Format

1.) Exposition: This is where characters and settings are introduced- the starting point. Should begin with a compelling hook.

2.) Inciting incident: This is where the protagonist's world changes. The events of the story are set in motion. The antagonist may be introduced here.

3.) Conflict: The conflict deepens. If the antagonist was not introduced previously, he/she/it/they should be introduced here. The reader is now becoming aware of what the stakes are.

4.) Escalation: Prior events are rapidly accelerating towards a climax. Protagonist should be proactive by this point, that is to say acting, not just reacting.

5.) Climax: The point of no return. The moment of truth. The apex. Everything prior leads to this point.

6.) Resolution: The events in the climax begin to wind down and resolve themselves.

7.) Denouement: Loose ends are tied up. The main conflict is resolved.


Nine Sentence Story Format

1.) Hook: This is thing that gets butts in the seats and keeps people wanting to turn the pages. It should, ideally, be the first sentence or at least contained within the first few paragraphs.

2.) Exposition: This is where characters and settings are introduced- the starting point.

3.) Plot turn 1: This is where the protagonist's world changes. The events of the story are set in motion. The antagonist may be introduced here.

4.) Pinch point 1: The conflict deepens. If the antagonist was not introduced previously, he/she/it/they should be introduced here. The reader is now becoming aware of what the stakes are.

5.) Midpoint: Prior events are rapidly accelerating towards a climax. Protagonist should be proactive by this point, that is to say acting, not just reacting.

6.) Pinch point 2: The conflict is at its highest point.  

7.) Plot turn 2: The protagonist sets out to accomplish goals set during the midpoint.

8.) Resolution: This is the climax of the story where the conflict, antagonist, and protagonist converge to do battle.

9.) Denouement: Loose ends are tied up and the main conflict is resolved.


3 Acts Format

    Act 1:

            Act 1 Beginning ………………….………………………………….

1.) Exposition:  

2.) Inciting incident:

3.) Consequences/change:

            Act 1 Middle …………………………………….…………………..

4.) Lull:

5.) Escalating conflict and reaction:

6.) Consequences:      

            Act 1 End …………………………………….………………………

7.) Uneasy lull:    

8.) Conflict escalates further:   

9.) Reactions and consequences:


    Act 2:

            Act 2 Beginning ………………………………….………………….….

10.) Lull:

11.) Complacency:

12.) Conflict resurgence:

            Act 2 Middle ……………………………….………………….………..

13.) Hard fall:

14.) Reaction and consequences:

15.) Recuperation:

            Act 2 End ……………………………….………………….……………

16.) Proactivity:

17.) Conflict rears up:

18.) Determination to defeat conflict:


    Act 3:

            Act 3 Beginning ………………………….………………….………………

19.) Confrontation:

20.) Hard failure:

21.) Lull:

            Act 3 Middle ……………………………….………………….…….….…..

22.) Resurgence of determination: 

23.) Climax:

24.) Result:

            Act 3 End……………………………….………………….……………….

25.) Conflict recedes:

26.) Resolution:

27.) Denouement:


3 Act -simple:



    Inciting incident:

    Escalating conflict:



    Rise and fall:



    Conflict recedes:



When my eyes start going wonky and I can't see well enough to paint, I like to indulge this ludicrous notion that I can write. I use a dark gray background with slightly less dark gray text magnified somewhere between 230% and 290%. This doesn't strain my eyes too much so long as I take frequent breaks and keep some ice cubes or cold water handy. I would rather not spend all day lying in bed like a speed bump while so much potentially useful time goes zipping past at the speed of life. I'm already 33yo. This shitshow is probably about half over and I don't want to waste the time I have left.

I love writing but the truth is, I'm not great at it. I think I could maybe, perhaps, perchance, possibly, probably have been good at it if I'd put my 10K hours into that instead of art. But I didn't and here we are. However, with my eyes wonking out on me every other day, I feel I have an opportunity to put some hours towards not sucking at writing.

During this latest attack, I decided to pick up an old writing project I started some time ago. It was AWFUL! I was so embarrassed about how bad it was that I cringed myself into a singularity at one point. *shudders* It was prolix, meandering, and crammed full of prose so purple I couldn't read it without a blacklight. I'm pretty sure I briefly strayed into x-ray territory with a literal ENTIRE PAGE worth of description. I wonder if any other writers out there have ever been irradiated by their own purple prose. I mean, I could weaponize this shit and sell it to the military for fuck's sake. If we're ever visited by hostile aliens, just sit me in front of a laptop and I'll write at them. Hopefully, the resultant gamma ray burst doesn't incinerate the entire hemisphere.

I'M EVEN DOING IT RIGHT NOW! Probably 95% of the people who see this are going to "TL;DR" and fuck off because they don't want to get irradiated by my bullshit. I have this tendency to want to paint with words in the same way I paint with, well, paint and by that I mean ALL OF THE DETAILS. ALL OF THEM. EVERY SINGLE ONE. DDDEEETTTAAAIIILLLLLSSS. Details. By my reckoning, writing and painting have a surprising number of things in common but they also have a few differences that are vastly, enormously, giganto-fuckingly huge, among which is the way viewers absorb detail. In paintings, detail can be imbibed quickly and easily with minimal effort. In reading, the viewer has to FUCK. I'm doing it again! AAAHHHH.

Anyway, to the damn point (Jesus Christ, Bobbie Jean). I decided to try and fix my old project. I was enthusiastic at first but the longer I worked on it, the more I began to fear it was irreparable. Frustrated, I decided to start a new story. It was great! It hooks you immediately. Gets you asking questions. Makes you want to know what happens next. I didn't frontload all my description. Prose was descriptive yet minimalist. And I hit a wall because I couldn't stop thinking about my other project. I can't quite bring myself to let it go.

And I'm doing it AGAIN. Jesus. Alright, let me get to the damn cheese here before the remaining 5% of you decide to fuck off too, assuming you haven't already been purple prosed into nonexistence.

The only way I'm going to improve is if I receive input and critique from varying sources. Most of my friends and family think everything I do is goldplated perfection manifest. I can show them literal garbage and they will be like "oh my god you're so amazing and perfect! You're a goddess of creation!" That's great for the ego but it doesn't really help me improve. Everyone else I know either doesn't read, isn't interested in the kinds of things I write, or has no useful input beyond shit like "it's okay" or "not bad."

So, without further irradiation ado, here is that old story I tried to fix: Word docs: Temporary post

For those capable of wading through not very good writing and ultraviolet prose that may occasionally stray into x-ray territory, I'd appreciate some feedback. If you don't have the time or the inclination, I won't hold that against you. If you do somehow manage to get through some of it or, gods have mercy on your soul, all of it, I'd appreciate a little feedback. I suggest reading it on a tablet if you can. It's about 8K words.

Concerns I have:

-Premise is odd
-Main character is odd
-Hook isn't compelling enough
-Drags about the middle
-Ending isn't compelling enough
-Purple prose and overlong descriptions
-Not enough action
-Trying to un-frontload description may have created some confusing bits
-Sentences are occasionally a bit overlong

Things I am not concerned about:

-Anything that can be easily fixed by an editor (grammar, syntax, etc)
-Having my feelings hurt. I can take blunt honesty and in fact, I prefer that, but there's no call to be an arse either. A polite but honest approach is preferred.


What is your overall impression? Good? Bad? Has potential? Light it on fire and never speak of it again?

What, if anything, did I do well?

What can I improve on?

Any other thoughts?
Suxamethonium Chloride a la Mode
I feel like I need to get better at sketching and posing so instead of continuing to make excuses like "I just don't think that way," I'm gonna put the 10K hours in and hope I come out the other side better. I would like to get into graphic noveling and let's face facts here- my style is NOT conducive with that AT ALL unless I want to turn out like... a page a year. Hahaha but seriously, no.

Only way to "git gud" is stop making excuses and try. If it doesn't work out, at least I can say I gave it a shot. No Zbrush, no references- all straight out of my imagination. Girl with the glasses on the bottom right is the discard from an eenie meenie minee mo but I didn't want to delete it because reasons so I saved it and stuck it there. Definitely not a sketch.

I think I did alright considering that sketching is not my strong suit and before you say something like "But these are really good!" Go look at Bridgeman, Hogarth, and Gurney sketches. Then you'll know what good sketching is. Every time I see their work, it makes me shrivel a little inside and wish I had gone into veterinary medicine instead. =P

Oh and meet Izeran Austero! He's the guy in the middle. Not a character I draw often but definitely one of my faves. MmmPH! I'd hit that like a Mack truck on the highway doing 20 over. Yummy. Also fond of the pudgy girl, bottom middle. She can have some Mack love too.


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